"Aviir" ( aka AntiVirii, AV/AT) --- Natural Powerful Viral & Bacteria Respiratory Infection Support - 60 Caps

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Aviir (anti-Virii or AV/AT)

  • Supports Management of Respiratory Bacteria & Viruses
  • Supports Healthy Respiratory Function
  • Supports Immune System Balance
  • Supports Healthy Cellular Responses

AntiVirii herbal formulation contains 3 of the most traditionally used Chinese Herbs for supporting the process of clearing pathogens and eliminating toxins. Andrographis and Taraxacum support maintaining a healthy microbial environment supporting immune function and relieving discomfort during seasonal changes. The ingredients fall into the clearing heat and toxins category of Chinese herbs promoting sweating, modulating the inflammatory response and supporting the body’s natural defenses and cellular health. 


Serving Size: 3 capsules.
Andrographis Paniculata (contains: standardized Andrographolide 95%) 150mg
Taraxacum Officinalis (contains: standardized Taraxasterol 20%) 600mg
Lonerica Japonica (contains: standardized Chlorogenic acid 25%)


Suggested Use: 2-3 caps, 2-3 times daily. 3 times daily for one month. Cautions: pregnancy and lactation. 

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review