How do I Identify and Remove Environmental Irritants?

Posted by LH Zackrison, M.D. on 1st Jul 2020

In some individuals eliminating the food that is causing an allergy, sensitivity or intolerance is sufficient in resolving associated symptoms. However, the root causes and triggers should also be sou … read more

Are The Foods I Am Eating Hurting Me?

Posted by LH Zackrison, M.D. on 22nd Jun 2020

What is the difference between a food allergy, food sensitivity or a food intolerance? Can the foods I am eating actually be hurting me? Can the wrong foods cause stiffness, achiness, headaches or mor … read more

NAD Infusion, the "Anti-BAD" IV Drip

Posted by DrZ OPTIMAL Health, Wellness & Vitality on 30th Apr 2020

The following is a descriptions of proprietary IV therapy available through OPTIMAL IV LOUNGE under the care of licensed professional health care providers of OPTIMAL HEALTH DIMENSIONS (http://www. … read more